A Model and Guide to Term Sheet Thailand

TTSA & TVCA announce an update to A Model and Guide to Term Sheet: Thailand Venture Deals

Thailand Tech Startup Association (TTSA) and Thai Venture Capital Association (TVCA) announce an update to the model and guide to term sheet to reflect the changing preferences and practices in the industry, taking careful consideration of the latest status of local regulations. The model and guide to term sheet document is made available as a free resource to the public to provide a friendly walkthrough and unbiased view on commonly found terms and promote transparency, consistency and efficiency of venture capital transactions in Thailand.

The authors and contributors welcome and appreciate any comment on the document and will continue to revisit the document on an annual basis or upon any significant development to the applicable laws in Thailand.

TTSA and TVCA would like to thank Baker McKenzie Thailand for their continued support throughout this project in providing legal review and assistance to ensure the most accurate information in the context of current regulations in Thailand.

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